VAG Lekage detection
02/05/2019 Leakage detection for safe water supply networks and smart valves

In an age when valves communicate with each other and sensors are combined with dato transmission tech­niques, the VAG-Group is expanding its extensive range of valves for water and wastewater applications with an intelligent system for monitoring and detecting water losses in supply networks: LeakMonitoring 4.0. This special solution includes hardware (sensors) as well as software and makes wiring networks and valves smarter.

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Plunger Valves control valves water supply
01/01/2018 Plunger Valves as control valves in water supply systems

The protection of our environment asks for sophisticated plant technology and process control. In line with this, the requirements of planners and operators of water supply systems keep increasing with regard to the safe function and reliability of...

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Own-medium controlled plunger valves water supply
05/13/2014 Own-medium controlled plunger valves in water supply

Previously, not all requirements for control and regulation valves in water supply could be met. Now VAG has developed an automatic actuator controlled by the medium present in the pipeline and with integrated fail-safe function as a multi-turn...

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Control valves for bottom outlets
07/10/2007 Control valves for bottom outlets in dams and in hydro-power plants

Normally butterfly valves are used as on-off valves and are usually installed in a valve chamber on the water side of bottom outlet lines in dams or in gravity lines leading to water treatment plants or hydro-power plants. In the best case the butterfly valves are assembled with brake and lift cylinders, working as pipe brake devices for emergency quick closing by lever and weight in case of pipe bursts. In dam applications, control valves such as plunger valves (or needle valves) or hollow-jet valves (or Howell Bunger valves or Fixed Cone valves) are installed after the butterfly valves on the air side. These valves always work as flow regulating or control valves. Plunger valves or hollow-jet valves are designed to perform regulating or control functions in water supply systems. Unlike butterfly valves or gate valves assuming only shut-off functions in pipeline systems, plunger valves and hollow-jet valves can meet the requirements of regulating operations.

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