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Bespoke valves, individually made for your needs, durable and safe - VAG valves for power plants represent a reliable and indispensable factor in energy generation. Above all else the cooling systems of large power plants demand maximum safety, precision and sturdiness. That’s what we specialise in. As experts for shut-off valves we are acquainted with every detail of the specific requirements of power plants as well as the current standards, such as the accident prevention regulations.

Taking into account all of these stipulations, our engineers work continuously and with maximum energy on developing the valves that control cooling circuits and close inlets and outlets: Butterfly valves – in combination with a brake and lift unit - as well as vacuum-breaking and venting valves are indispensable for the protection of the main cooling water pump, plunger valves for controlling the water supply and fire hydrants for the trouble-free operation of the extinguishing water system.

Our VAG EKN® Butterfly Valves with 3-point accident-prevention interlock and hydraulic brake and lift unit have proven themselves as combined safety and quick-closing valves. Professional advice and bespoke calculation are just as much a part of our service as the deployment of mobile teams on site. You can be sure that installation, training, maintenance and putting into operation are just as professional as our valves.

ASME N-stamp Quality
Shut-off valves from the professionals – it pays off

Pumps, valves and their actuators control the flow of coolant in the cooling circuits and ensure constant power plant operation. But what happens if a pump in the cooling water circuit fails?

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Shut-off valves - what counts

We would like to illustrate the things that set high-quality butterfly valves apart from the rest of the market, taking the example of the classic VAG EKN® Butterfly Valve in the cooling circuit.

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VAG valves in power plants

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