VAG Control Valves

Precision under Control

Our control valves are real all-rounders. Their sophisticated technology makes our valves real control professionals always in line with the requirements of our customers. The precise control of huge volumes of water while preventing cavitation at the same time has top priority.

Our highlight: VAG RIKO® Plunger Valve

Plunger valves of the VAG RIKO® type with an annular cross-section continuously control water at high pressure differences and flow rates.
Using special tools based on certified control curves, we develop products that accurately control even large volumes of water – precisely meeting the control requirements.
This is how we create precision that controls everything.



What makes this valve so special?

  • Individuality: Cavitation-free operation through optimal design based on certified control curves.
  • High efficiency: Optimised construction and flow control.
  • One-piece, compact body over the entire range of nominal diameters, reduces the number of components and eliminates one sealing point.  
  • Linear control curve through optimum control insert and self-locking worm gear with constant transmission ratio.
  • Great variety and combination possibility of control cylinders
  • Bronze weld overly guides ensure low operating torques and prevent jamming of the plunger.
  • Valve seal located in the no-flow zone to achieve a maximum service life
  • Separation of media and highest reliability due to a special sealing system, including e.g. a quadring construction that is insensitive to deposits on the plunger.
  • Connecting rod running in maintenance-free, robust bronze-plastic compound bearing bushes.


Over 1600 unique possibilities

We offer a great number of RIKO varieties and different cylinders to find the perfect valve for your project.  In doing so, we can select from 1,600 possibilities of combination of cylinder varieties we have developed and can tailor to your needs. This variety is unique! And if you need something very special – we support you with detailed planning and suitable products – customised to what you need.


Precise design through UseCAD®

Valves designed with the help of the VAG UseCAD® planning software can be precisely tailored to our customers’ requests. Our proprietary design programs are based on certified control curves and allow the design of an individual product adjusted to all conditions and control characteristics. Register with MyVAG today and use our UseCAD® tools for your planning.

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Unterschiedliche Baureihen für unterschiedliche Anwendungen

We control water in many different ways to cover a variety of applications:

  • KSSplus Hollow-Jet Discharge Valve: Bottom outlet valve as end-of-line valve for very large discharge volumes at a largely linear control characteristic for nominal diameters ranging from DN400 to DN2000.
  • PICO Diaphragm Valve: Own-medium operated control valve for water to control the pressure and flow (pressure-sustaining function, pressure-reducing function and level control by way of a float) for DN50 to DN300.
  • DURA Control Valve: Externally operated control valve for water to control the pressure and flow for sizes DN50 to DN200.
  • RIKO Plunger Valve: Externally operated control valve for water with annular cross-section for nominal diameters ranging from DN150 to DN 2200
VAG RIKO® Plunger Valve one-piece body, with handwheel

Externally controlled control valve with annular flow cross-section for the continuous regulation of…

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VAG KSSplus Howell-Bunger® Discharge Valve

Bottom-outlet valve as end-of-line valve for very high discharge rates with a largely linear control…

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VAG DURA Control Valve with handwheel

Externally controlled control valve  for the regulation of the pressure and flow rate in service…

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VAG PICO® H Pilot Operated Control Valve Pressure reducing valve

Control valve with own-medium control for the regulation of pressure and flow rates in service areas…

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