RTS Válvulas Ind. e Com. Ltda

Founded: 1984
Based in: Guarulhos, São Paulo
Total area (manufacturing- and office area, warehouse): 10,987 m²
Address: Rua Endres, 1770, Guarulhos, São Paulo, Brazil & R. Arroio Chuí, 26, Guarulhos, São Paulo, Brazil


RTS started activities on April 1984 with a sales representative office and maintenance of butterfly and check valves in São Paulo City. Name RTS comes from the activity of technical representative and service, in Portuguese “Representações Técnicas e Serviços”. RTS is a register brand to attend the industrial market.

In a rental building in Vila Maria Alta neigborhood in 1986, RTS started to resell valves with the company name RTS Válvulas e Equipamentos Industriais Ltda, that is still in use until today and in August, 1988 started produce own butterfly and check valves. At the same year, RTS moved for an own building to Rua Padre Sabóia de Medeiros, 1326, Vila Maria Alta, São Paulo City and produced there until June 2001. Today, RTS produces valves at two locations in Guarulhos, São Paulo.

Important development milestones

  • 1992 acquisition of equipment to produce vulcanized rubber seats and selling rings for butterfly valves and check valves up to 48” (own development of the rubber formula)
  • 1995 acquisition of ductile iron foundry equipment to reduce the delivery time and increase the quality for the foundry parts. In a new own building on Industrial area of Itaquaquecetuba City, São Paulo State, called “RTS Divisão Fundição”
  • 1997 buying a new industrial area of 1,000 m² in Rua Padre Sabóia de Medeiros, 1155, Vila Maria Alta, to transfer all machining machines, called „RTS Divisão Usinagem”
  • On August 1998, awarded ISO 9002 certificate from a progress started in 1994
  • 1999 increase of product portfolio with development and production of PTFE covered plug and ball valves up to 6”, with own PTFE injection technology. At this same year new ball and disc check valves were developed.
  • 2000 stopped to import pneumatic actuators and started to produce own design from 20 Nm to 12,500 Nm as being the only supplier producing in Brazil up to 12.000Nm
  • 2000 buying a new industrial area of 5,200 m² and the start of investments to future transfer of the company for a bigger area that fits the growth RTS on the market
  • July 2001, company change for the new area of 5,200 m², on Rua Endres, 51, Guarulhos City, São Paulo State
  • 2002 Microbox is launched on automation market as an innovation for control valves in internal and external visualization with innovative design
  • 2003 buying a new industrial area of 5,600 m², on Guarulhos City, closer from the headquarter, to increase machining industrial area and produce all portfolio valves, including plug and ball valves
  • April to November 2003: Introduction of a “5S” program and migration of the ISO 9001-2000 system through constant investment in the professional qualification of employees and restructuring of all departments (through courses in our auditorium equipped with state-of-the-art means)
  • 2004 license to produce VAG EKO resilient seated gate valves and a distribution partnership of VAG products in Brazil
  • 2022: RTS becomes part of the VAG Group. We are looking to a great development in Brazil with many attractive opportunities, strong footprint, long partnership, jointly and adding local content and presence to the water and wastewater market in Brazil.