Environmental agenda

To contribute to the global energy transformation and proper water & wastewater treatment, VAG defined specific Dam & Hydro and Wastewater strategies to support these segments next to our core segment water. Our Research & Development and Product Management are developing innovate products including long lifetime and reduced head losses to reduce energy during operations.

We take our responsibility seriously to reduce carbon emissions by using green energy where available to the maximum extent possible. For example, we decided to use of electricity from renewable resources at all VAG sites where available and already switched most sites accordingly.

Further actions were started, like ensuring ISO 14001 certifications for all our production sites, and many specific initiatives to reduce our environmental impact such as the implementation of a rain harvesting system in India, as well as an own energy production by solar panels in Brazil, the installation of energy-saving LED lights in many of our production sites, the upgrade of air compressors to reduce energy consumption, and many other projects.

Serving green industries

VAG is continuously focused on developing products for green industries. Especially our offers for dams and hydropower as well as wastewater treatment support a sustainable protection of our environment.

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The purpose of dams and hydropower plants is to provide drinking water, protect people from floods and provide water for industry and agriculture, but also to generate renewable power. VAG plays a leading role in the development of modern and robust valves for such applications. VAG tailor-made products are second to none: Ranging from the inlet and safety valves, air valves, up to complex control valves perfectly adapt to customers' needs and environmental requirements.

According to the UN water report in 2023, around 3.6 billion people did not have available access to clean drinking water and sustainable treatment of wastewater. VAG provides a comprehensive, ever-expanding range of valves for the most important resource of our world: clean water and – supporting this goal – proper sewage processing. Starting with requirements for operation in heavily polluted mediums, through coatings and special alloys resistant to abrasive or corrosive substances, VAG has a wide range of proven products and expertise to offer the right solution for our customers and the environment.

Our successes proof VAG's valves expertise:

Jebel Ali WWTP Dubai

El Cerado Water Reservoir Colombia

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Focus on green products

VAG develops best-in-class products for customers around the globe according to our philosophy of long-lasting and environmentally friendly design​​​​​​. Countless patents, impressively long experience and revolutionary ideas result in excellent products for the valve market in the entire world:

  • EKN® H: the most durable and efficient butterfly valve in the world with maximum life-span and highest energy efficiency (saves up to 59% CO2 compared to a standard butterfly valve)
    VAG EKN® H Butterfly Valves double-offset
  • Hydrants and NOVA NIRO 365: Maintenance-free design that saves life and has a long life-span to save resources – also old hydrants can be upgraded with the newest technology without full replacement to save further resources
    VAG NOVA NIRO 365 Standpost Hydrant
  • RIKO®: highest variety of cylinders on the market that provides the best designed solution for our customers with exact control behavior to adapt to all conditions and prevent energy losses
    VAG RIKO® Plunger Valve: one-piece body, with electric actuator
  • SKR: Energy-efficient design that minimized wear and reduces water turbulences in pipes for maximum durability
    VAG SKR Slanted Seat Tilting Disk Check Valve
  • and  many more to come!

Use of renewable electricity at VAG sites

Our high-quality products support this goal by reliably lasting often for decades and thus not needing to be replaced by new intensive products. Still, to produce our valves, large amount of energy is needed, especially for casting. Therefore, we already shifted our energy supply to renewables sources.

Our own foundry was shifted to 100% renewable and we are proud that nearly all of our production plants run 100% renewable today. VAG has already shifted all electrical energy supply contracts for our plants to renewable sources. With this, VAG will sustainably supply most of the electrical energy consumption from renewable sources and serve as a role model for shifting electricity supply to renewable sources.

To do more, we will also start to actively address our vendors with the target of moving also our supply chains to use renewable energy wherever possible.

In addition, we specifically address opportunities to save energy consumption in the first place. Yearly specific investments will support achieving our goals. For example, air compressors with more energy efficient models were replaced, facilities were equipped with LED lighting or building insulation was renewed.