VAG LeakMonitoring 4.0

The solution to online network monitoring

VAG LeakMonitoring 4.0

Recognising leaks in water supply networks early on has many positive effects – a more hygienic network, ecological benefits, and above all cost savings. This is why it‘s important for municipalities and water utilities to install efficient control mechanisms to locate leaks as early and as accurately as possible and to reduce losses to an absolute minimum.

VAG uses innovative technologies to offer you optimised, fully automatic monitoring for your water supply network. The system instantly recognizes flow pattern changes that indicate pipe damage, and reports these, allowing you to react immediately.

Long, costly lead times for leak detection and searches for broken pipes are finally a thing of the past. The monitoring system is installed by our experts and handed over ready for operation. Training for your employees and reliable support are also included in our comprehensive service package.

Your advantages: Supply network monitoring and short lead times for leak detection

Due to many years of experience with the issue of network management, VAG offers an integrated concept for monitoring your supply network, tailored to your requirements. It includes the components measurement technology, metering point positioning, measurement data analysis, and software supported delimitation of leaks in the network.

VAG LeakMonitoring 4.0 significantly reduces lead times for leak detection, making the repair and location of even minor leaks an economical choice. In the event of a leak in the water supply network, several ultrasonic flowmeters located in an area detect different increases of the flow rate. These differential measurements are compared and evaluated using the calibrated hydraulic model of your supply network.

VAG LeakMonitoring 4.0 is cloud-based and uses all the advantages of big data processing and machine-learning intelligence.

VAG LeakMonitoring – the advantages at a glance

  • No DMA structure necessary
  • Suitable for every pipe material
  • Installation without interruption of operation
  • Ideal for large non-discrete zones
  • Detection of small leaks
  • Significant reduction of leak location time
  • Accurate leak localisation (Google Maps) and leak sizing
  • Analysis based on exact flow metering
  • User-friendly web-based tool: Data access via PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Highly economic method
  • Considerable resource savings
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