VAG Technical Service

Inclusive of manufacturer know-how

The teams from our Technical Service are trained to achieve one goal: to ensure the functionality of your valves over a period of decades and thus to guarantee you lasting maximum operational reliability. Technical knowledge of the installed valves is the most important prerequisite for this - and every one of our service employees has it. The teams know your valves from the actuator to the flow characteristics and can pinpoint possible causes of malfunctions promptly.

Where necessary the Technical Service will consult specialists from the VAG departments such as design engineers, fitters and plant experts in order to create verifications, drawings, 3D measurements and material analyses. Regardless of whether shut-off valves, air valves or non-return valves are concerned: our bundled know-how and concentrated expertise guarantee fast fault-finding and repair - at our own Service Centre in Mannheim or on-site in your factory.

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