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VAG Hydropower

Dams provide flood relief and are used to generate electricity and to supply process water to industry and agriculture. Hydropower plants and dam walls are subjected to an enormous pressure – materials and equipment must perform to the absolute maximum. Straight valves are thereby subject to extreme stress: they must work reliably within the shortest time and under high pressure. They control the bottom outlet, prevent dam bursts or an uncontrolled overflow of water and regulate the flow rate in the water distribution through controlled opening and closing.

As experts with a special range of valves for dams and hydropower plants we supply consulting, service and maintenance from a single source. The suitable design for pressure and flow rates is calculated by our engineers and defined according to your requirements.

Our specific valves transform the high forces of large dams safely and reliably and guarantee large flow rates depending on their size. Quick-closing safety valves such as the VAG EKN® Butterfly Valve in combination with the VAG HYsec Hydraulic Brake and Lift Unit guarantee high functionality and safe closing and opening even with the shortest response times. Our range in this segment is rounded off by spring-loaded air valves, vacuum-breaking and venting valves, hollow-jet discharge valves or the proven VAG RIKO® Plunger Valve.

VAG valves in dams and hydropower stations

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VAG Valves for Sloy Hydropower Station

In moving pictures (video)

Rur Dam Schwammenauel, Germany

The Rur dam Schwammenauel in the North Eifel mountains has a capacity of 203 million m3, making it…

The Klammstein Hydropower Station

The VAG EKN® Butterfly Valve in fabricated steel design was 100% leak-tight, worked troublefree and…

Asahan Hydropower plant in Sumatra, Indonesia

In the north of the island of Sumatra lies the metropolitan region of Medan. With some 3 million…

San Bartolo Hydroelectric Project

The San Bartolo Hydroelectric Project comprises the construction of a hydropower plant on the Río…

VAG KSSplus Howell-Bunger® Discharge Valve

Bottom-outlet valve as end-of-line valve for very high discharge rates with a largely linear control…

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VAG RIKO® Plunger Valve one-piece body, with electric actuator

Externally controlled control valve with annular flow cross-section for the continuous regulation of…

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VAG EKN® Hydropower Butterfly Valve Turbine inlet valve

Special butterfly valve, particularly suitable as turbine inlet valve. Customised double-eccentric…

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VAG Spring-Loaded Air Valve

Spring-loaded air valve with very high venting capacity for rapid discharge of the medium present in…

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