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VAG Gas distribution

The rising demand for natural gas and biogas demands reliability and safety from you as the operator of a supply network. The industry is also following suit and orientating itself to the increasing importance of natural gas thanks to new gas-steam combination plants.

Face tomorrow’s challenges today and get your services into shape for even greater demand and long-term fault-free operation. For that you need appropriately designed valves for medium and low pressure – from your valve experts for gas pipelines. With our valve portfolio we cover numerous applications in the gas business while at the same time conforming to all necessary European standards and other approval criteria.

VAG EKO®plus Gate Valves or butterfly valves for large long-distance pipelines, electrical, pneumatic or mechanical – rely on absolute leak-tightness and long-term reliability in operation.

The Tecklenburg biogas plant, Germany

The exploration of renewable energies points the way to the environmentally sound generation of…

Biogas station in Vrakuňa

Biogas is mainly produced by fermenting methane in raw materials, i.e. the fermentation of waste.…

VAG CEREX® 300-L Butterfly Valve disk made of ductile iron - lug-type

Resilient-seated, lug-type butterfly valve for flange mounting to pipelines; disk with centric…

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VAG EKO®plus Gate Valve resilient-seated - long face-to-face length

Resilient-seated gate valve with bolted cover connection and face-to-face length of Basic Series 15…

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VAG EKN® M Butterfly Valve epoxy

Double-offset flanged butterfly valve (resilient-seated) approved for use in gas pipelines. Long…

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VAG TERRA®-K12 Tapping Bridge for PE-HD pipes prepared for PE welding house connection, with integrated tapping drill

Tapping bridges for PE-HD pipes and vertical tapping at full operating pressure with integrated…

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