Metal Seated Ball Valves at a raw water pump station

VAG Metal Seated Ball Valves

Country: USA
Customer: Gwinnett County Public Utilities
Products: GA Metal Seated Ball Valves, Hydraulic Power Units with Accumulator Rack, GA Surge Arrestor Valve

Lake Lanier — formed by Buford Dam holding the Chattahoochee and Chestatee Rivers in northern Georgia — is key to providing water to the metropolitan Atlanta area. Approximately 60 percent of Georgia’s population receives drinking water from the Chattahoochee system, and the Lake Lanier watershed encompasses over 1,000 square miles and 10 counties.

The water intake facilities are located in a protected cove three miles from the Buford Dam, and provide a uniform raw water supply that is low in suspended materials, bacteria, dissolved organics, and metals. Gwinnett County operates and maintains two separate intake and pump facilities.

The raw water is processed at one of the county’s two water filter plants

The Lanier Filter Plant can process 150 million gallons per day (mgd), and the Shoal Creek Filter Plant can process 75 mgd for a combined total of 225 mgd of water production capacity. The county also operates and maintains 10 water storage tanks and 14 booster pump stations.

The rehabilitation of the Lake Lanier Raw Water Pump Station included the rebuilding or replacement of pumps, the replacement of discharge ball valves and motors, electrical switchgear, and all electrical conduit cabling.

Why GA Industries Ball Valves?

The contractor, Western Summit, had worked with GA Industries on other flow control projects in Georgia and chose the cost effective combination of GA metal seated ball valves, hydraulic actuation systems and GA surge arrestor valve, all of which could be supplied by GA Industries for single source system responsibility.

GA Ball Valves and Surge Arrestor Valve at the Lanier Raw Water Pumping Station

  • Products: Six DN 750 (30”) Figure R507 Metal Seated Ball Valves, Two Hydraulic Power Units with Accumulator Rack, One DN 450 (18”)Figure 500A Surge Arrestor Valve
  • Materials: Metal Seated Ball Valve: Conforms to AWWA C507 with flanged cast iron body, Monel (Ni-Cu alloy) body seat, cast iron ball with Type 304 stainless steel ball seat and stainless steel shaft.
  • Hydraulic Actuation System: Two, redundant, identical hydraulic power units (HPU) operating at nominal 2,000 PSI (13,790 KPa) and single gas charged accumulator system for valve closure on power outage.
  • Surge Arrestor Valve: Flanged cast iron globe body, bronze V-port trim, Buna-N renewable seat, complete with wall mounted pilot control system.
  • Features: GA Metal Seated Ball Valves offer a compact body with integral flanges and a full port, unobstructed waterway. The trunnion-mounted rotor and offset metal-to-metal seating ensure dependable long-term service under severe operating conditions.

GA Surge Arrestor Valves utilize the GA differential piston main valve and a standard three-pilot system

  1. Subnormal pilot opens main valve fully on “downsurge.”
  2. Hydraulic Time Delay Pilot determines how long main valve stays fully open.
  3. Abnormal Pilot opens main valve as needed to limit pressure rise due to “upsurge.”

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