Update: VAG Knife Gate Valves at an Industry Park

First Reference FKB-VAG-Collaboration
Knife-gate-valves type VAG ZETA and FKB VGU have been recently installed at our customer Infraserv. The following valves have been mounted at a pipe-collector on the area of the Industriepark Höchst: 6 x ZETA DN 600 / 3 x ZETA DN 1400 / 2 x FKB-VGU DN 1800. The assembly was progressed by an experienced team without any problems, especially the short face-to-face length of our valves allowed a very compact design of the building. By using the capabilities of VAG and FKB, the entire demand of dimensions could be covered successfully. Infraserv Höchst is the operator of Industriepark Höchst, a 460-hectare location that host around 90 companies mainly engaged in Pharma, Biotechnology and Chemistry. Here a new Water Treatment Plant is built, where VAG/FKB contributed now in the area of the river-water sampling line.