Successful Seminars held in Iraq

While both sessions had similar agendas, they targeted different groups:
The first day targeted our customers in Kurdistan, while the second day hosted water authorities, study offices, contractors and the Ministry of Housing, Municipalities and Public works.
Mr. Rienmüller aimed on increasing the awareness and knowledge on Hydraulic solutions of the participants, by presenting the unique features of our Valves and educating the audience on how to select the right valve for the right application. Due to the geographic circumstances of the country, we had the chance to discuss different applications.
A big advantage on this trip was Mr. Ahmad’s Kurdish/Syrian background and his knowledge of the region's different cultural aspects, which allowed him to approach and understand the customers' needs. Despite any possible cultural and language barriers, this multi-cultural team could achieve a higher knowledge transfer and several business opportunities.
Considering all current adversities, the seminar was held with highest health measures and without any Covid cases – every single participant was tested in loco before entering the facility. The event helped VAG to expand the knowledge of our clients, increasing the level of trust and certainly leveling up our brand awareness in the market.

We are very excited about our future collaborations!