Blue lights at VAG

Red fire engines, lots of blue lights and plenty of heroes at VAG. What is the fire department doing here?

The "Mannheim North" Volunteer Fire Department, based in the neighboring district of Mannheim Käfertal, visited the Visitor Center of the Mannheim valve experts on Friday evening as part of their mutual cooperation with the entire emergency department and were able to experience how the products work up close.

"It is important for us to support our neighbors with our knowledge around water. Who knows what it looks like under the street, how a hydrant works exactly, and how to know immediately why a hydrant behaves the way it does in an emergency," Head of Service Marcus Noe summarized our motivation.

Around 25 firefighters took advantage of the last training to visit. The men and women were particularly impressed by the cavitation test track, which gave them a visual demonstration of the phenomenon they hear every day - firefighters have to deal with opening and closing water valves every day. A technical presentation with many interesting details about the function of hydrants and possible sources of error was also part of our offer.

The competence from marketing and service was able to answer all the questions of the participants and, in addition to great enthusiasm, also generated a lot of sensitivity around the topic of valves. In the end, cooperation benefits us again: In an emergency, the experts from the fire department know exactly how valves work, they know VAG and are happy to help us in the neighborhood. And we, in turn, receive valuable feedback on our products from the field, even from completely different sources, and can use this information to develop even better products.

For us, it was a pleasure to be able to host a nice evening together "between hydrants" and we look forward to many more reciprocal visits.