Valves and dismantling joints for training purposes

VAG - Offenburg

Recently, VAG handed over valves and dismantling joints to the mechanical laboratory of the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences where they will be used as training and demonstration materials in the university’s courses.

Jörg Ettrich, Professor of fluid mechanics and thermodynamics in mechanical engineering gratefully took delivery of the precious parts from VAG: “Our lab combines practice with first theoretical insights into important subject areas which will be dealt with in more detail later on in the course of studies.” Pipeline assemblies are mounted, gear units are disassembled and bearings are examined during the individual experiments.

Since the 2017/18 winter semester, the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences has offered the possibility of gaining practical experience with essential components and machine elements to first-semester students of mechanical engineering and materials engineering in a hands-on lab.

When VAG handed the valves and dismantling joints over to the mechanical lab of the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences, Professor Ettrich thanked VAG for the friendly support and the company’s commitment to education and vocational training both in the name of the university and the faculty of mechanical and process engineering.