Ediz Tatar

Country Manager (Turkey, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan)

"Everything is possible at VAG (...)" 

Why do you think that VAG is a team consisting of valve experts? What makes VAG so special to you?

VAG is considered «Mercedes» of valve business even amongst our competitors.

What makes you a valve expert? Are you proud of being part of the team?
I am beyond proud of being a part of this family, because I get occasionally calls from end users that ask for only spare parts of VAG valves that have been in operation for four or even five decades without single failure. It is an excellent feeling to hear the «Faith» in your company.

Tell us your (best) story in connection with VAG:
In a prominent important project, Melen, in Turkey that supply water to Istanbul from 200km away, we have supplied very special valves which can be normally produced not less than 26 weeks, but one of our production plants pulled that off in 12 weeks. Everything is possible at VAG, you just need to check!