Jochen Endress

Vice President Sales Europe & LATAM

There is no silver medal in sales, the second winner is the first loser.

What is your personal motto?
Think positive, fly negative (probably only people who know me very well will understand the meaning of that)

Why do you think that VAG is a team consisting of valve experts? What makes VAG so special to you?

VAG has always been customer focused. Although we are the Valve Experts we focus first on our customers’ applications and not on our products.

What makes you a valve expert? Are you proud of being part of the team?

I like to visit customer sites and discuss the real problems and requirements with the Operators. By this you gain a good expertise about customer needs and expectations
Of course, I am proud to be part of such a strong, experienced and highly motivated team.

Tell us your (best) story in connection with VAG .

We visited a big Construction company to negotiate a valve package for a transmission line. Part of that were air valves + the related isolation valves where the customer claimed we were too expensive compared to our competition. With our UseCAD we were able to re-size the air valves and submit with our DuoJets (smaller than originally requested but achieving the requested flow-rate) a competitive quote on the next day.
The engineers of the contractor spent more than a week for the original sizing of the air valves with manual calculation.