12/17/2021 Donation instead of a Christmas party

Unfortunately, our Christmas party could not take place this year due to COVID.

03/08/2021 Special feature of the DUOJET automatic air valve

As of now we deliver an special feature of the DUOJET automatic air valve. The special feature is the additionally integrated stainless steel ball valve with a 3/8 “ internal thread connection for flushing purposes, for taking samples or for attaching a pressure gauge.

The DUOJET-P high-performance valve will have the stainless steel ball valve always as part of the standard design in the future.

VAG DUOJET® Automatic Air Valve

08/19/2019 Our RIKO® Plunger Valves are true multi-talents

A sophisticated technology makes these valves control professionals in almost any application. They come with a one-piece, streamlined body, regulate large amounts of water safely and reliably and – they can fly...

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