VAG India
VAG-Valves India Pvt. Ltd.

Founded: 2004
Based in: Hyderabad, Telangana State
Total area (manufacturing- and office area, warehouse): 19,000 m²
Address: Plot 57 & 56, Pashamylaram Industrial area, Sangareddy District, Telangana State, India


We can find VAG’s presence in India since the 1950s when VAG supplied a huge number of valves directly from Germany to various plants and companies in India, e.g. Rourkela Steel Plant, TATA Iron and Steel Company, Vizag Steel Plant and major customers like Mumbai Municipal Corporation, Mahagenco - Chandrapur power plant etc. VAG is very proud to say that these valves are still working without any complaints and the quality of VAG valves is clearly visible after decades of endurance.

In the year 2004, the VAG-Group opened a sales office in Hyderabad, India, by the name of “VAG-Valves (India) Private Limited” with the aim to raise the standards in the Indian valve industry. With overwhelming response from customers, VAG India established its world class manufacturing facility at Hyderabad in the year 2008. Today, VAG India is operating with more than 130 qualified employees, 7 regional sales offices and 12 associates across India.


Krishna Drinking & Water Supply Project Phase-2, 2007

The project was about  bringing 5.5 t m³ additional water to Hyderabad from Nagarjunasagar with DN 2,200 pipeline for the distance of 114 km.

Bisalpur-Jaipur Water Supply Project, 2008

The project dealt with distributing drinking water to nearly 5.3 million people in major settlement areas of the Jaipur city in Rajasthan state

Urban Water Supply & Environment Project, Indore, 2009

In this project, VAG India supplied a huge quantity of valves for various application fields in different diameters and for numerous purposes.