Water distribution

Controlled with VAG

VAG Water distribution

A long-term secure water supply depends above all else on reliable, high-performance materials. The task of a distribution system for process and drinking water is to guarantee consumers in the supply region the required amount of water in the necessary quality and with the right pressure – every day.

Apart from the pipelines, it is all about the connections and fittings, as well as valves such as gate valves and pressure control valves that are decisive for smooth operation. Fire protection installations such as fire hydrants also ensure reliable operation. Those who think in terms of cost-effectiveness choose the long-life valves from VAG: They control and automate the pressure and flow rate, protect pipelines and pumps against damage and impress with their long life, like the proven VAG EKN® Butterfly Valve.

Numerous water and pumping stations already trust our quality products - whether standard or bespoke. Water distribution – optimally controlled with VAG valves.

VAG valves in water distribution

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Water supply to Tirumala Temple

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VAG RIKO® Plunger Valve one-piece body, with electric actuator

Externally controlled control valve with annular flow cross-section for the continuous regulation of…

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VAG EKN® H Butterfly Valve epoxy

Energy-efficient, double-offset flanged butterfly valve (resilient-seated) suitable for the highest…

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VAG NOVA 284 Standpost Hydrant

Standpost hydrant with double closing system and optimised draining system. Available as a replica…

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VAG TERRA®lock 32-AV tapping valve

Universally suitable tapping valve with VAG TERRA®lock plug connection and integrated main shut-off…

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