VAG Hydrants

Life-saving freedom from maintenance

VAG hydrants ensure safety and reliability whenever they are needed. We offer a great variety of underground and standpost hydrants that meet your requirements – with minimal operating torques and maximum reliability of operation.

Our highlight: VAG NOVA NIRO 365

The NOVA NIRO 365 sets new standards in terms of reliability, drinking water hygiene, ease of operation, corrosion protection, wear and tear, freedom from maintenance of the actuating system, and weather resistance – 365 days a year and longer! Its maintenance-free encapsulated stem bearing is a novelty in the world of hydrants. The innovative bearing has been optimised as regards drinking water hygiene, is easy to operate, maintenance-free and will stay this way.

Freedom from maintenance that eventually saves lives.


What makes this hydrant so special?

  • 365 days of reliable operation: Guaranteed freedom from maintenance and dependably low operating torques.
  • Encapsulated stem bearing: Guaranteed permanently maintenance-free actuating system ensured by a lubricant reservoir and protection of the actuating components from deposits. The backlash-free stem bearing ensures maximum reliability of operation.
  • Double draining system: Prevents clogging by corrosion and foreign matter.
  • Double shut-off: Maximum safety thanks to safety interlock of the main valve assembly.


Learn more about our type series and products:


The Bopp & Reuther standpost hydrant sees the light of day and shortly afterwards is granted the patent for “automatic draining”.


Model 38: Single closing system, later on with pre-determined breaking point. Available as drop-jacket version for the first time. Elastomer closing system.


Model 166/266: with double-closing system and knock-over design with breaking nut for the first time. Fully rubber-coated valve cone, drop jacket.


Model 284: VAG is granted patents for a multi-functional seal and a safety interlock.


Next generation VAG NOVA NIRO 365 – the best hydrant ever!


Various type series for a variety of applications

We offer you a variety of solutions:

  • Standpost hydrants with DN80, DN100 and DN150
  • Versions with and without drop jacket
  • Version for historical town centres
  • Underground hydrants
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