Refurbishment and renewal of all pipelines in Rötz

Water distribution in Rötz

Country: Germany
Customer: City of Rötz
Products: VAG NOVA NIRO Standpost Hydrants, VAG TERRA® Tapping Bridges, VAG SUPRA Underground Hydrants, VAG BETA®200 Gate Valves, VAG DURA Control Valves, VAG BAIO®plus system fittings

VAG provides all valves and numerous VAG BAIO®plus system fittings. Water is not automatically drinking water as the 3,500 citizens of the city of Rötz found out from experience: impurities and leaks repeatedly caused problems. Moreover, the supply of extinguishing water and of backup water needed improving.

In 2004, Mayor Ludwig Reger and the aldermen decided to overhaul the entire supply system. An investment of 6 million euros was secured and allocated to the project with the help of the Free State of Bavaria. Engineering firm Krämer in Muschenried was hired to plan and monitor this extensive project. The developer was the municipality, represented by Mayor Ludwig Reger, the Road and Park Maintenance manager Rudi Christoph, and the water works manager Josef Semmelbauer.

Modern, safe valves for that would be work reliably far into the future

Years of good experience working with VAG and the quality of the valves convinced the team to order the new valves from VAG. They also decided to equip the whole supply system with the VAG BAIO®plus System, which has a flexible and practical connection method that has proven itself at numerous sites. 'We were bought as soon as VAG's Klaus Olbrich showed us the VAG BAIO®plus System. It was exactly what we were looking for: modern, safe valves for that would be work reliably far into the future,'remembers Mayor Ludwig Reger, who has never doubted the decision. 'VAG had the perfect solution: operationally sound and flexible.'

Work on this extensive project started in November 2004. An elevated tank was built, sources cleaned up, a new source area developed and the village of Wenzenried connected. In Rötz, Bau-Wagner's employees dug a number of trenches, removed worn out water pipes and laid new PVC pipes. A total of 1,474 VAG valves, fittings and connectors were installed from the distributor in the elevated tank to the hydrants at the fire station.

'VAG BAIO®plus components were really easy to connect because we didn't have to spend a lot of time threading screws and nuts. We simply clipped the components on, turned them 45 degrees, and Bob's your uncle. A great system!' explains Ernst Braun of Bau-Wagner. The work was further accelerated by the installation of a VAG BAIO®plus system. In just under three years, the project 'Pristine water for the city of Rötz' was completed in record time.

VAG BAIO®plus, the proven connection system with bayonet lock

Unbeatable benefits for the supply system:

  • Screwless - Saves time and storage space
  • Corrosion resistant - Smaller corrosion surface due to lack of screw holes
  • Pull-lock connection - Eliminates the need for a concrete counterbearing
  • Flexible connection - Adapts itself to uneven surfaces, prevents pipe breaks
  • Adaptable - Can be used for all common pipe materials
  • Time-saving - Fast assembly without tools
  • Versatile - Can be removed or components exchanged at any time

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Additional information:
  • Refurbishment and renewal of all pipelines in Rötz, Germany

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