Social agenda

Employee health and safety

VAG is a company who constantly focuses on people’s health and safety, reduction workplace risks and creation better working conditions.

​​​​​​​Zero accidents and incident-free working environment is the VAG main goal. The aim is to achieve at least 50% reduction in safety incidents (lost-time-injuries) each year.

In 2022, we are proud that we have achieved a more than 70% reduction in accidents compared to the previous year. Going forward, this remains our highest focus with daily, weekly, and monthly monitoring and implementation of respective actions. In order to support this initiative further, we will certify all manufacturing sites according to ISO 45001 (Health & Safety). Here, 6 of our 8 VAG sites have already been successfully ISO 45001 certified.


Data protection and privacy

VAG takes data protection and privacy seriously including private user data as well as data essential in business operations, development, and finance.

To keep data protected and private, VAG has created a data privacy policy that is adopted by VAG Group and all its affiliates. The purpose of the policy is to provide VAG associates with the guidance necessary to comply with data privacy laws and regulations generally, and more specifically, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

All VAG associates, as well as agents, third parties or other persons acting on behalf of the VAG must comply with the policy, and all applicable data privacy laws, incl. GDPR, as it relates to access and collection, use, distribution, and storage of personal data.

Social aspect of our products

VAG's products are helping to supply clean water and clean energy to many communities around the world and thereby enhancing people's lives. Also, our products are used for proper treatment of wastewater thus protecting communities, people, and the environment. They are also used for other applications to protect and enhanced people’s life such as flood protection.

Accordingly, we defined our company vision as the guidance for our daily actions:

Water is precious and mighty. It deserves respect all around the world - VAG takes it seriously. Our passion at VAG is to provide long lasting “Peace of Mind” for customers, communities and for our environment.

Recognizing our responsibility to contribute to the wellbeing of our planet and communities around the world, we are proud that ​​​​​​​VAG products enable millions of people access to fresh water, proper treatment of wastewater, sustainable energy, and protection from flooding events.

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