Pressure Management Ouagadougou

Country: Burkina Faso
Customer: Ouagadougou
Products: VAG PICO® Pilot Operated Control Valve, VAG EKO®plus Gate Valves, VAG Flowmeters, VAG Pressure Gauges

Water shortages and water losses are global challenges of today’s world. Especially developing countries in Africa, the Middle East and Asia are severely affected. In collaboration with the German association for international cooperation (GIZ), VAG provides speficic support with pressure management in these countries in order to manage existing water storages more effectively and sustainably. Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, is suffering from drastic water shortages while the population doubles every 10 years. The high non-revenue water rate in Ouagadougou is endangeringthe secured water supply tremendously. A technical solution was elaborated to reduce the water loss in the project area, which is divided into three subareas (Micro DMAs). The implementation of the technical solution is based on the control of the pressure at the local point with time modulation. The core component, the VAG PICO® Pilot Operated Control Valve, is installed in all three subareas. The time modulation enables the modification of the set-up of the pressure during 24 hours regarding the required pressure limit in the supply area.

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  • Pressure Management Ouagadougou

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