VAG-Klamflex-Valves South Africa (Pty) Ltd.

Established in 1962 the company is now the largest manufacturer of Pipe Couplings, Adaptors, Stepped Couplings, Dismantling Joints and related products in the Southern Hemisphere. During the period to 1992, the company manufactured Viking Johnson products under a license agreement with the Victaulic Company of the U.K., the termination of which saw the emergence of VAG-Klamflex-Valves South Africa (Pty) Ltd. as a leading international brand name.
VAG-Klamflex-Valves South Africa (Pty) Ltd. employs specialists in the field of pipe jointing and sealing, making sure that our customers receive expert product development, design, quality, assistance and advice at all times. Our extensive range of products are suitable for the use in water treatment, water distribution and wastewater applications for dams, power plants, industry and in pressure management.

VAG-Klamflex-Valves South Africa (Pty) Ltd. is an ISO9001:2008 listed company, stringent raw material quality control, quality inspection at all phases of production and hydrostatic test facilities bare testimony to our emphasis on quality product.


  • Stewarts & Lloyds SA purchased the controlling share of a small manufacturing concern manufacturing Howell Couplings and renamed the company Pipe Couplings (Pty) Ltd.


  • Pipe Couplings entered into an agreement with Victaulic Co to manufacture and market VJ Couplings in South Africa only. Victaulic acquired a 15% share in Pipe Couplings (Pty) Ltd.


  • British Steel (Victaulic was part of) sold off their foreign holdings including the 15% in Pipe Couplings (Pty) Ltd. to Stewarts & Lloyds


  • Dorbyl Ltd purchased Stewarts & Lloyds


  • Victaulic PLC terminated agreement with Pipe Couplings (Pty) Ltd., the Klamflex brand name was introduced and the company started exporting.


  • Andy Lawrence, and equity partners in Singapore purchased Pipe Couplings (Pty) Ltd. from Dorbyl and the company  was renamed “Klamflex Pipe Couplings (Pty) Ltd.”


  • Company  was awarded “Exporter of the Year” by the Chamber of Commerce and the “Business Achievers” award.


  • Export sales are 60% of total production.


  • Company continued to grow and was a finalist in the “Business Achievers” award for exports from the Chamber of Commerce.


  • Changes made to the companies shareholding and most of the equity partners are bought out by Andy Lawrence.


  • Klamflex celebrated its 50th anniversary and remained the largest manufacturer and supplier of Pipe Couplings, Flange Adaptors, Dismantling Joints and related products in the Southern Hemisphere.


  • Klamflex Pipe Couplings became part of the VAG-Group.


  • Klamflex was renamed to VAG-Klamflex-Valves South Africa (Pty) Ltd.