Our legendary VAG BETA® and VAG EKOplus® Gate Valve Series has been improved where it matters most and has thus set a high standard yet again in terms of corrosion protection, drinking water hygiene and reliability of function. Come and see for yourself.


The stem extension adapter, which is available since March 2019 as a standard for basic version of VAG EKO®plus Gate Valves DN 40...300, has been optimised in terms of operating forces, prevents the penetration of dirt and can be easily locked in a pull-out proof way.

New material for the stem
In 2019, the stainless steel 1.4021 material used for the stem will gradually be replaced by the higher grade stainless steel 1.4057.  Due to this, our VAG EKOplus® Gate Valve will meet even higher anti-corrosion and hygiene standards and will thus be even more durable and better for human health than it used to be. 

New wedge
Two essential changes have been made to the wedge of the VAG BETA®200 and the VAG EKOplus® Gate Valve in order to improve corrosion protection and drinking water hygiene:

  • Moulding-on of the sliding caps instead of subsequent gluing on
    • The plastic sliding caps are placed into the rubber coating mould and are thus completely integrated during the vulcanizing process. At the same time, the sliding caps serve to fix the blank wedge in the mould, which also prevents any kind of corrosion on the wedge.
  • The contact surface of the stem nut has been modified  
    • The surface pressure between the stem nut and the wedge is more evenly distributed by the sliding disk, which contributes to a longer service life.