Water valves from the experts – for efficiency and safety

Our diverse range of product and services have been developed with the following in mind. Safety, Cost-Effectiveness, Resource Optimization and Precision. Whether the requirement is for  water treatment, sea water desalination, wastewater engineering or the construction of dams and power plants, as a global player and experienced quality manufacturer we know how to tame, use and control water. Every field of application in which water is moved demands reliable solutions. Having confidence in the correct professional valve manufacturing partner is key critical to success and having peace of mind.

Our highly experienced and trained staff can offer end to end solutions for all of our high quality products, spare parts for valves and pipe couplings from a single source. We offer tailor made advice to you and can recommend a suitable product for your requirement such as shut-off valve, the right gate valve or the necessary control valve.  We are able to assist your requirements whether it needs to be a special valve or whether a standard product from our high-quality series.

After sales, site and maintenance & support is always available if required during and after the installation of our quality products has been completed.

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