Hydro Power Station Luji

Hydro Power Station Luji

Country: China
Customer: Luji power plant
Products: 1 x VAG KSS Hollow-Jet Discharge Valve

The Luji power plant is located on the Pudu River in China‘s Yunnan Province. The plant supplies electricity to the surrounding area, while at the same time providing protection against flood disasters. Our customer had to act quickly when the legal situation concerning safety measures in China changed. The power plants supplied with water all had to be secured with additional hollow jet discharge valves, since customary butterfly valves would not have been able to prevent flooding in an extreme situation.  

The Luji hydro power plant opted for VAG, since the company offers its customers high-quality valves and an outstanding service. In 2009, building alteration work commenced at the hydro power plant. The valve mainly ensures that pressure is consistently balanced, since deluges of water cause enormous differences in pressure. Cavitation and dangerous vibration in the discharge constructions are prevented, thus providing the region with additional protection against potential disasters. The plant was finally commissioned in 2011, and our customer was more than satisfied.

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