E.ON Power Plant Franconia

E.ON Power Plant Franken

Country: Germany
Customer: E.ON
Products: 1 x VAG EKL Butterfly Valve with eccentric bearing, DN 700 PN 25, 1 x VAG hydraulic brake-and-lift cylinder

During the scheduled shut-off of the plant for inspection, the hydraulic actuator of a VAG butterfly valve with eccentric bearing installed in 1970 was rehabilitated at the Franconia power plant. While important components were kept, the actuator was adapted to the state of the art. The technical support of the project included observing various customer requirements:

  • Ensuring the uninterrupted supply of spare parts for the next few years
  • Speedy reconstruction within the power plant shut-off period fixed by the customer
  • Economic solution

The reconstructed actuator now meets all the requirements of a component in a gas power plant and combines all known advantages of the latest hydraulic brake-and-lift cylinder series.

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Additional information:

Joerg Baader
Phone: +1 (724) 900 4194

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