Emsland Power Plant in Lingen, Germany

Emsland Power Plant

Country: Germany
Customer: RWE Power AG
Products: 4 x VAG EKN® Butterfly Valves DN 1500 PN 10

The Lingen gas-fired power plants are thermal power plants using natural gas for turning water into steam which drives a turbine to which a generator is connected. To prevent water flowing back in the main cooling line from damaging the pump, four VAG EKN® Butterfly Valves were installed as safety valves.

It had originally been planned to overhaul the previously used shut-off valves and to reinstall them afterwards. However, as they were too badly damaged, repair was not possible any more. But by no means was it admissible to exceed the scheduled downtime of nine weeks, as otherwise the customer would have incurred tremendous extra costs. Despite the extremely tight schedule VAG managed to deliver all valves on time so that the plant could resume operation according to plan.

In terms of cost-efficiency as well, the change from the combination of a sealing- and check valve to one single shut-off valve with hydraulic brake-and-lift cylinder was the better solution. Another advantage is the accurately calculable closing time with the help of the hydraulic brake-and-lift unit, which prevents pressure surges in the pipeline.

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