GA Figure 7125T Tilting Disc Check Valve, With Top Dashpot

3" to 36"

Productgroup: Check Valves

Medium: Water

The VAG/GA Industries Tilting Disc Check Valve features a streamlined design and full flow area for lower full open head loss than conventional swing check valves. Its energy efficient operation is combined with a short 40-degree disc stroke that provides quick closing valve to minimize hammer.

The valve employs offset seating technology to smoothly lift the disc off of the seat during opening and into the seat during closing without binding or sticking.

The top mounted oil dashpot is mechanically attached to the valve disc. Its self-contained hydraulic system controls the valve’s opening and closing speed over its full stroke with an independently adjustable final closing speed engaged during the last 10% of closure. Reverse flow occurs during closure which can reduce pressure surge. The top mounted dashpot is recommended when there is likelihood of extremely rapid flow reversal.

• Full port waterway with streamlined flow path
• Stable airfoil shaped disc
• Lead-free bronze, drip tight seating
• Top dashpot with opening speed control and 2-stage closing speed control

• Class 125 Body: Cast Iron, ASTM A126 Class B
• Class 250 Body: Ductile Iron, ASTM A536 Grade 65-45-12
• Disc (6” to 14”): Lead Free Bronze, C95400
• Disc (16” to 36”): Ductile Iron, ASTM A536 Grade 65-45-12 Ductile Iron
• Body Seat Ring: Lead Free Bronze, C95400
• Disc Seat Ring: Lead Free Bronze, C95400
• Pivot Pins: Stainless Steel, Type 303
• Pivot Bushings: Lead Free Bronze, C95400
• External Fasteners: A307 Steel, Zinc Plated

Standard: Internal/external coated with NSF-61 certified 2-part epoxy, minimum 6 mil DFT

Drawing and Parts List
6” to 14” Fig 7125T with Top Dashpot
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16’ to 42” Fig 7125T with Top Dashpot
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Sample Specification
Tilting Disc
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Technical datasheet
Valve with Top Mounted Dashpot
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