GA Figure 624, 625, 626 Surge Relief Valve for Sewage, Flanged, Angle or Wye Body

2" to 16"

Productgroup: Surge Relief Valves

Medium: Wastewater

VAG GA Industries Figures 624-D, 625-D and 626-D direct acting, spring loaded surge relief valves protect sewage and wastewater systems from excessively high pressure due to a sudden stoppage of pumping or valve closure.

The valves are closed as long as the pressure at its inlet is below the spring setting but open as quickly as needed to discharge fluid out of the system at the rate necessary to prevent an excessive rise in pressure. The valve closes slowly and seals tightly when pressure decreases below the pilot setting.

The valve’s streamlined, flow efficient, non-clogging long radius elbow or wye body provides dependable surge protection even when handling solids-laden fluids such as raw sewage.

• Heavy duty, flow efficient long radius elbow or wye body
• Tough 316 stainless steel replaceable body seat
• Durable resilient disc seat for tight shutoff
• Compression spring(s) enclosed in chambers, safer than exposed tension springs
• Self-contained hydraulic closing speed control

• Body & Cover: Cast Iron, ASTM A126 Class B
• Body Seat: Type 316 Stainless Steel
• Disc: Ductile Iron, ASTM A536 Gr 65-45-12
• Disc Seat: Thiokol Composition or UHMWPE
• Shaft: Stainless Steel
• External Fasteners: Steel, A307, Zinc Plated
• Spring(s): Alloy Spring Steel, Painted

Internal and External Carboline 891 NSF-61 Certified Epoxy, min 6 mil DFT

Drawing and Parts List
2” – 3” Long Radius Elbow Body
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4” – 8” Long Radius Elbow Body
Download |
10” – 16” Long Radius Elbow Body
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2” – 3” Wye Body
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4” – 8” Wye Body
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10” – 16” Wye Body
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Sample Specification
Sewage Surge Relief Valve
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Technical datasheet
Data Sheet SSRV.01
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