GA Figure 517 Eccentric Plug Valve, Round Port Exposed Service

3" to 24"

Productgroup: Eccentric Plug Valves

Medium: Water

The VAG/GA Industries Figure B517 ECO-centric Plug Valve is a rugged, field-proven valve that will provide many decades of trouble-free service. Its flow efficient round port provides lower head loss, higher capacity and better solids handling ability than a standard rectangular port plug valve.  In addition, the epoxy coated ductile iron body and cover provide superior strength and long term corrosion resistance while the spherically seating rubber coated plug provides drop tight shutoff in both directions.

Figure B517 exposed service eccentric plug valves are available with a 2” operating nut for quarter turn wrench operation (optional chain lever) or a worm gear with handwheel (optional chainwheel) or 2” nut.

• Internal and external epoxy coated, high strength ductile iron body and cover
• Flow efficient round port, averages 50% less head loss than standard rectangular port plug valves
• Bi-directional zero leakage seating up to full rated pressure
• Shaft packing adjustable and replaceable without removing the actuator
• Upper and lower grit excluders for extended bearing life
• Type 316 stainless steel external fasteners, including packing studs and nuts

• Body & Cover: Ductile Iron, ASTM A536 Grade 65-45-12
• Body Seat: Weld Overlaid 95% Pure Nickel
• Plug Coating: Buna-N Rubber
• Shaft Bearings: Stainless Steel, Type 316, Self Lubricating
• External Fasteners: Type 316 Stainless Steel

Drawing and Parts List
3” to 8” Lever Operated
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3” to 12” Worm Gear with Handwheel
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14” to 24” Worm Gear with Handwheel
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Product Bulletin
Plug Valve Bulletin
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Sample Specification
Round Port Plug Valves
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Technical datasheet
3”- 24” Round Port Plug Valve Head Loss
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Figure B517 FLG Data Sheet
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