GA Figure 231, 232 Heavy Duty Swing Check, Lever & Spring Increasing Size

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Productgroup: Check Valves

Medium: Water,  Wastewater

VAG/GA Industries Figures 231-DS and 232-DS are heavy duty, customizable swing check valves that utilize an adjustable spring assisted closure to minimize slam and hammer. In addition, the valve’s outlet connection is expanded one or two sizes larger than the inlet connection which can eliminate the need for an increaser fitting on the pump discharge.

Normally installed in the discharge of a pump to prevent backflow when the pump is off line, it opens smoothly at pump start and closes quickly and quietly upon pump shutdown.

Figures 231-DS and 232-DS meet the design, materials of construction and testing required by AWWA C508 and is suitable for use with water or sewage.

• Heavy duty construction withstands rigors of pump station operation
• Expanded outlet connection can eliminate need for increaser fitting
• Full flow area when swung only 25° away from seat for low head loss and reduced pumping cost
• Replaceable rubber disc seat for tight seating at low and high pressure
• Lever & spring field convertible right hand to left hand side, and from horizontal to vertical installation

• Body & Disc: Cast Iron, ASTM A126 Class B
• Cover: Steel, ASTM A36
• Body Seat: Stainless Steel, Type 316
• Disc Seat: Buna-N
• Hinge Shaft: Stainless Steel, Type 303
• External Fasteners: Steel, A307, Zinc Plated
• Spring: Steel

  • Standard: Uncoated internal, external coated with enamel primer, minimum 2 mil DFT
  • Optional: 316 SS external fasteners and internal and external NSF-61 certified 2-part epoxy, minimum 6 mil DFT
Drawing and Parts List
Figure 231
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Figure 232
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Installation, Maintenance and Operating Instructions
Figures 231 and 232 O&M
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Sample Specification
Heavy Duty Lever & Spring Check Valves
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Technical datasheet
Figure 231 and 232 Data Sheet
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