GA Figure 200 Rubber Flapper Check Valve

2" to 24"

Productgroup: Check Valves

Medium: Water,  Wastewater

VAG GA Industries Figure 200-D Rubber Flapper Check Valves have a full 100% flow area for low head loss and clog resistance. Long term reliability is ensured because the valve’s reinforced rubber flexible disc is the only moving part and it’s integral O-ring provides drop tight sealing at both low and high working pressures.

The valve’s 45-degree seat angle, short stroke and its flexible disc’s inherent memory combine to provide quick-closing, slam resistant operation.

The Figure 200-D can be easily fitted with backflow device and/or a visual position indicator with or without an electrical position switch.

• 250 PSI rated epoxy coated ductile iron body and cover
• Tight sealing at low and high pressure
• Flexible disc successfully passed 1 million cycle test
• Stainless steel cover fasteners standard
• Available with backflow device and/or position indicator
• Optional electrical position switch

• Body & Cover: Ductile Iron, ASTM A536 Grade 65-45-12
• Flexible Disc: Buna-N, Nylon and Steel Reinforced
• External Fasteners: Type 304 Stainless Steel

Standard: Stainless steel external fasteners and internal/external NSF-61 certified 2-part epoxy, minimum 6 mil DFT

Drawing and Parts List
2” to 24” Valve Only
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2” to 24” Valve with Backflow Device
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4” to 24” Valve with Position Indicator
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4” to 24” Valve with Backflow Device and Position Indicator
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Sample Specification
Rubber Flapper Check Valve
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Technical datasheet
Data Sheet 200
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