COVID-19 Update

Dear Customers and Business Partners,

The pandemic caused by the Coronavirus COVID-19 interferes with the business procedures of all companies. We as well keep taking measures to ensure our reachability and delivery capability on the one hand and to protect the health of our employees and partners on the other.

Find here the current information:

►Production and deliveryWe are able to deliver!

We are doing everything we can to maintain our ability to deliver. For VAG products coming from Europe, there is a prerequisite; the free EU-wide movement of goods is flowing at the moment, although it is partially delayed by border controls. We will keep observing the situation and immediately inform you should there be any changes. Early planning and communication with us can protect your upcoming projects from potential delivery bottlenecks.

For the GA Industries products, our factory in Pennsylvania is still operating at full force and able to deliver to meet your demands. We appreciate your business and look forward to continuing to serve you!

►Reachability of our employeesWe are digital: Many of your contacts can be reached in their home offices

Wherever our operations permit, our employees of the Development, Administration and Sales Departments work from their home offices. This is why our customers can reach us as usual by phone at the usual phone numbers and by email.

►Visits to our locations Please refrain from any visits.The protection of our health has priority!

We hope you understand that customer visits are virtual due to the current situation. We are at your disposal via the phone and via e-mail.
Act responsibly and refrain from visits to our locations. If a visit is inevitable, we kindly request you to make arrangements in advance. The employees of our factory security (gate) will inform you about special safety and infection prevention measures on company grounds. Please be sure to observe all instructions.