Water treatment

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VAG Water treatment

Control valves, gate valves, non-return valves, butterfly valves, air valves – elaborate processes and long-life valves with a particularly high resistance, are required to turn untreated water into top-class drinking water and process water. Our products for water treatment and sea water desalination are manufactured from special materials.

Drinking water equipment must be compatible in accordance with the strictest standards and resistant to brackish water. Sea water contain designs with rubber-lined interiors.

They control the pressure and flow rate of your plants, purposefully shut off water flows and protect pumps and pipelines. We set standards in the control valve market with our VAG RIKO® Plunger Valves. Obtaining clean drinking water from rivers, lakes, reservoirs or ground water is a basic prerequisite for our life. Therefore, put your trust in our reliable quality and our profound experience in water treatment.

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