09/14/2018 Seamless coating inside and outside: VAG sets new quality standard for hydrants

Up to now, underground hydrants have mainly been coated with 2 coating systems, inside enamelled and outside epoxy. The seams of the two coating systems and the resulting defects were unavoidable. The new VAG standard is a complete epoxy powder coating (EPP). It eliminates seams between 2 coating systems and thus provides even better protection against corrosion. For standpost hydrants, the upper column outside is provided with an additional UV protection made of red-coloured polyester material on the outside.

VAG new website
08/14/2018 The new website is now online

The VAG-Group presents its portfolio and many more functionalities at the highest virtual level

VAG - Offenburg
06/27/2018 Valves and dismantling joints for training purposes

Recently, VAG handed over valves and dismantling joints to the mechanical laboratory of the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences where they will be used as training and demonstration materials in the university’s courses.

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