VAG RIKO® Plunger Valve

Precision under Control

True multi-talents
Our RIKO® Plunger Valves are true multi-talents. A sophisticated technology makes these valves control professionals in almost any application. They come with a one-piece, streamlined body for regulation of large amounts of water safely and reliably.

Product features

  • Cavitation-free operation provided by optimal design.
  • Valve seal in the no-flow zone for a long service life.
  • Drive with a self-locking worm gear unit with a constant transmission ratio for a linear control curve in connection with an optimal control device.
  • One piece, compact body across the full nominal width, thus reducing the number of components and eliminating potential leak path.
  • Hard-faced bronze guides for low operating forces which also prevent the piston from jamming.
  • Quad-ring seal not sensitive to deposits on the piston.
  • Valve highly efficient thanks to an optimised design and flow path.
  • Connecting rod installed in maintenance-free, robust bronze / plastic compound bushes.

Technical details

  • Nominal pressures PN 10 … 100, class 150 / 300
  • Nominal diameters DN 150 … 2200
  • Standard version: Body made of EN-GJS-400-15 (GGG-40) ductile iron, piston made of 1.4301 stainless steel, guide rails made of bronze
  • With an adapted control device, worm gear unit and position indicator
  • Coating: inside and outside epoxy coating (EN 14901-1+A1)

We offer many RIKOI variants and hundreds of cylinders to assure the perfect fit to your project. And if you need something really special – we support you with detailed planning and specific designs.

Slotted cylinder for medium with suspended solids
Rigid anti-cavitation orifice cylinder
Adjustable anti-cavitation double cylinder for high pressure gaps