VAG Valves in Prague Zoo

VAG Valves in Prague Zoo

Country: Czech Republic
Customer: Prague Zoo
Products: 8 x VAG ZETA® Knife Gate Valve

As a result of the perishing of more than a hundred animals and wide-scale destruction to the buildings at the zoo in Prague during the worst flood in centuries in 2000, the animal enclosures had to be reconstructed and restructured.

A decision was taken to build a new, higher and safer enclosure for the hippopotamuses. The new inner basin of the hippo pavilion was given a glass wall to enable visitors to see the animals under water, since this is where hippos spend most of their time. In order to keep the water clear and provide the animals with water of a quality they could live in, an effective water treatment plant was built to remove coarse fibres and fine soiling in the water.

This was supported with eight VAG ZETA® Knife gate valves with a pneumatic actuator. The valves are located in a machine room below the pavilion and operate every day.

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