KNG power plant Rostock

KNG power plant Rostock

Country: Germany
Customer: KNG Rostock
Products: 10 x VAG CEREX® 300 Butterfly Valves DN 500; >40 x VAG EKN® Butterfly Valves with electric actuator up to DN 800; >30 x VAG BETA® / EKO®plus Gate Valves up to DN 300; >10 x VAG SKR slanted seat tilting disk check valves up to DN 600; >10 x VAG hydrant

The Rostock power plant is a hard-coal-fired community power plant in the north-east of Germany whose operating company, Kraftwerksund Netzgesellschaft mbH (KNG) was founded in 1990 directly after the Wall came down. Construction work began in 1991, and in March 1994 the first coal delivery arrived at the plant. In the following month, the first power could be supplied from the newly-built power plant before it officially took up its commercial operation on 1 October 1994.

The power plant’s gross electricity output is 553 MW (net output 509 MW). Additionally, a maximum district heat output of 300 MW can be supplied from cogeneration of which 150 MW have been realised so far. With this output, the Rostock power plant, which is also open to visitors, is currently producing over 50 % of Mecklenburg Western Pomerania’s electric power, one fifth of Rostock’s district heat and feeds almost 3 TWh per year into the power grid. Its current efficiency is 42,3 % and at full heat supply from cogeneration could be increased to a maximum of 62 %.

The power plant functions as a medium-load and peak-load power plant and is equipped with a 141.5 m high cooling tower (diameter at the foot 100 m and 60 m at the top) which is also used as an exhaust stack. The turbine system comprises a one-shaft, four-cylinder condenser turbine consisting of one highpressure-, one medium-pressure and two lowpressure turbines.

Between 1996 and 2011 VAG supplied over 100 different valves to the Rostock power plant. These valves included in particular butterfly valves, gate valves, non-return valves as well as hydrants which were used to equip the fire-extinguishing- and cooling-water system of the Rostock plant and in the associated intake structure at Markgrafenheide. In some places also air valves such as the VAG DUOJET® Automatic Air Valve were installed.

According to KNG, the valves made by VAG have been working trouble-free in the power plant for many years.

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