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Asahan Hydropower plant in Sumatra, Indonesia

In the north of the island of Sumatra lies the metropolitan region of Medan. With some 3 million...

Almost 1,500 valves for wastewater treatment

Dubai, the thriving, dazzling metropolis on the Persian Gulf, is the largest city in the United Arab...

Adventurous job in Tasmania‘s wilderness

In 1914, Mount Lyell Mining and Railway Company finished the construction of a dam and power station...

A cascade power plant in the mountains of Huasahuasi

The city of Huasahuasi lies in the Peruvian Andes at 2,500 metres above sea level. Immense efforts...

30 years in operation for AGRA ROAD in Mumbai

In 1978, 21 VAG valves were sent to Mumbai. Today, they are still proving just how reliable they...

100 Years of Service in Koszalin, Poland

In Koszalin, water is referred to as the city’s biggest treasure. And so it is not surprising that...

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