VAG GA Surge Relief Valve Figure 667-D, 667-U Direct Acting Relief

½” to 2”

Productgroup: Control Valves

Medium: Water

VAG GA Industries Figures 667-D and 667-U are direct acting, pressure balanced, spring loaded, globe body surge relief valves, designed to protect small water pump stations and systems from excessively high pressure due to a sudden stoppage of pumping or valve closure.

The valves are closed as long as the pressure at its inlet is below the spring setting but open as quickly as needed to discharge water out of the system at the rate necessary to prevent a further rise in pressure. The valve closes slowly and seals tightly when pressure decreases below the setting.

The valve is full ported and utilizes sensitive, responsive springs for maximum capacity with a nominal rise in pressure above set point.

• Heavy duty lead free bronze body for long term dependable service
• Stainless steel internal components
• Buna-N seat for tight shutoff
• Stainless steel closing speed needle valve
• Gauge port

• Body: Lead Free Bronze, Alloy C89833
• Internal Trim: Type 303 Stainless Steel
• Renewable Seat: Buna-N Rubber
• External Fasteners: Type 304 Stainless Steel
• Adjusting Spring: Alloy Steel, Painted
• Spring Chamber: Aluminum Alloy


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