VAG GA Combination Vacuum Breaking and Air Release Valve Figure 992-D for Clean Water

3" to 8"

Productgroup: Air Valves

Medium: Water

VAG/GA Industries Figure 992-D Vacuum Breaking and Air Release Valves are typically installed at locations along the pipeline where column separations are predicted to occur. They consist of a Figure 990-D Vacuum Breaking Valve and a Figure 920 Air Release Valve, factory assembled and tested as a unit.

The Figure 990-D’s large orifice opens when the system pressure falls approximately 0.25 PSI below atmospheric. It rapidly admits air to limit the negative pressure. The large orifice closes when the pipeline pressure recovers above the opening pressure. Air that was drawn into the pipeline is then slowly released through the Figure 920s’ small orifice as the system re-pressurizes, minimizing the consequences of column separation.

• Compact and light weight
• Full port orifice for maximum air inflow during negative pressure, small orifice controls air release rate
• Rugged iron body with lead free bronze  & SS trim
• Tight sealing and easily replaceable rubber seat
• Screened hood to minimize entry of foreign matter

• Body: Cast Iron, ASTM A126 Class B
• Plug & Seat: Lead free bronze
• Replaceable Seat: Buna-N
• External Fasteners: Steel, A307, Zinc Plated

Uncoated internal, external enamel primer, 2 mil DFT


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