VAG GA Air and Vacuum Valve Figures 939SS, 939SSF, Durovent All 316 Stainless Steel Short Body Sewage/Wastewater

1" to 3"

Productgroup: Air Valves

Medium: Wastewater

VAG GA Industries Figure 939SS Air & Vacuum Valves efficiently vent air and sewage gas from sewage forcemains as they are being filled and then close tight once the system is full and pressurized. They automatically open to admit air to limit vacuum formation when the forcemain is drained and/or a negative pressure occurs in the valve.

Whether due to the fluid itself or ambient conditions, Durovent® Wastewater Air Release Valves provide the ultimate in corrosion resistance since the body, cover, float, internal linkage, external fasteners and pipe plugs are all made from Type 316 stainless steel.

Figure 939SS Air & Vacuum Valves are typically installed at system high points where air and sewage gas naturally rise during filling and vacuum first forms during draining. The valve’s short body allows it to be used in shallow cover installations where a standard elongated body would be too tall.

Figure 939SSF includes optional “back flushing attachments” to facilitate cleaning sludge and debris from the valve

• Short body ideal for “shallow cover” installations
• Full size orifice for maximum air outflow and inflow rates
• Rugged, heavy duty cast 316 stainless steel body - no potential for weld corrosion
• Corrosion resistant Type 316 stainless steel float, plug, seat ring and internal mechanism - no plastic components
• Tight sealing and easily replaceable rubber seat
• 2” NPT plugged port allows removal of large debris

• Body & Cover: Stainless Steel, Type 316
• Float: Stainless Steel, Type 316
• Internal Linkage: Stainless Steel, Type 316
• Replaceable Seat: Buna-N
• External Fasteners: Stainless Steel, Type 316
• Pipe Plugs: Stainless Steel, Type 316


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