Padma Rajandran

General Manager/Responsible for South East Asia

“Be punctual and keep to your commitments.”

What is your personal motto?
Always take your duties and tasks personally as if managing your own company. Be punctual and keep to your commitments.

Why do you think that VAG is a team consisting of valve experts? What makes VAG so special to you?

VAG has been one of the best companies I have served with deep technical knowledge in problem solving with solution-based products that fits market that yearns such value and expertise.

What makes you a valve expert? Are you proud of being part of the team?
Being a mechanical engineer by profession, I could share my technical expertise with regional team to become part of VAG‘s one proud team.

Tell us your (best) story in connection with VAG .
My personal best way to describe this is the start of VAG in Malaysia. We started from a point with zero orders and zero customers simply because nobody believed in quality and technology. Fast forward to today, where every major tender has specification written towards the quality of VAG design.