ENG. Rodrigo Pascoal

Regional Sales Director Brasil

What describes you best?
Being persistent on future possibilities to move forward and materialize it. 

Why do you think that VAG is a team consisting of valve experts? What makes VAG so special to you?

VAG is a strong name worldwide with long experience as a solution provider made by an excellent technical team who is engaged to always find engineering features of our product portfolio to cover special requirements from customers.

What makes you a valve expert? Are you proud of being part of the team?
Brazil has a long distance from Europe and other factories of VAG Group and I am proud to be part of the team that bring closer our customers and partners from other continent, applying our valves solutions on very important and big projects with long life cycle.

Tell us your (best) story in connection with VAG .
Best story is linked with a complete basket provider on packages that our know-how was applied on big projects of Water Transport Pipeline and Waste Water Treatement Plants in Brazil, given social and economic positive impact when is operating.