Bjorn B. Johansen

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

„Safety First - we have an obligation to ensure that everyone comes home safely at the end of the day.“

Why do you think that VAG is a team consisting of valve experts? What makes VAG so special to you?

Why I believe VAG is a team of Valve Experts?
The first reason that I believe VAG is a special company with a special role in this world is that more and more we are seeing water related problems in the world. From floods that seem to increase year on year to large areas and cities in the world that are without water. Here VAG is part of the solution and can provide solutions to ensure that people all over the world has access to water or are better protected when nature shows its teeth.

The second reason is the longevity of the products, both in my private life as well as my professional career I get annoyed with the fact that products lifetime seems to shorten more and more. I have seen valves all over the world where the lifetime expectancy of the valve is only a few years, and this is even at times only if you get lucky.
In VAG we offer valves that are designed to last for a long time which means that not only are we offering the customers and market a solution that is over time much more cost efficient, but also, we are doing ours to reduce the carbon footprint and reducing the material consumption needed .

What makes you a valve expert? Are you proud of being part of the team?
I’m proud to be a part of VAG. I have worked with operations all my life, from breweries to wind turbines to foundries before finally settling in the valve industry. One factor that has been shared by all successful companies that I have been in contact with over the past 25 years has been that they have been excellent at their operations. For me there is nothing more important than ensuring that the customers get the right product at the right time in the right quality and all of this without jeopardizing people’s health and safety. I am proud to be able to further support developing VAG’s fantastic track record in these areas.