Why is the VAG BAIO®plus System especially suitable for seismic regions?


In regions of the earth that are frequently hit by earthquakes, it is particularly important to use a suitable valve connection which can handle the challenges these conditions bear: For buried pipelines located below roads with heavy traffic, flexible and top-quality valves are also asked for. They have to meet very special requirements with regard to the respective local conditions and needs and thus have to be individually adapted in some cases. In addition to this, dismantling the valve for servicing purposes should be easy.

For these cases, the VAG BAIO®plus System is particularly suitable. The comprehensive system not only offers the suitable valve for almost any application but also the necessary fitting. The BAIO® connections can be inclined by up to 3° in any direction.  The valves and fittings can flexibly adapt to a slope in the earth’s surface or high earth pressure without impairing the function of the pipeline system. In addition to this, the installation of BAIO® valves and fittings is easier and faster than the installation of flanged pipe connections, which results in a significant benefit for the operator in terms of assembly costs. The flangeless connection system also features further advantages with regard to corrosion resistance.