What are the advantages of tapping bridges with self-tapping device?


When house connection valves are being installed, many issues need to be considered. If a tapping system with external tapping device is used, pipe chippings from drilling may get into the medium, which in case of drinking water, for example, may have serious consequences.

This is why the supply line to the consumer has to be purged each time external tapping devices are used to remove any residues completely.

The VAG TERRA® Tapping Bridge with integrated hollow drill bit serving as self-tapping device and suitable for PE-HD and PVC pipes provides solutions for this and many other problems.  Due to the drill integrated in the valve, the numerous working steps that would otherwise be necessary can be reduced to just a few, which above all saves time and, of course, money as well. Installation itself is very simple, as for the few steps needed to attach the tapping bridge no extra tools are required. The tools integrated in the tapping bridge remain in the valve after drilling. Due to an innovative technology, no drilling chips can get into the medium as they are held back by the drill bit and are safely enclosed inside the VAG tapping bridge. This ensures consistent protection of drinking water from pollution and eliminates the necessity of time-consuming and expensive purging of the pipelines.