World Water Day 22. March 2023

Because water concerns us all, we must all take action.

VAG has been supporting access to clean drinking water with products and expertise for 150 years.On Wednesday, it’s World Water Day. As water experts, it matters to us personally to remind people of the world-wide water shortage on this occasion.

Clean drinking water is one of our main tasks. On the occasion of World Water Day this week, we would like to draw people’s attention to the world-wide water shortage.

Water is the most important resource for humans, animals and plants. Even though groundwater levels are falling in many places, our consumption has been rising for many years. The good news: Saving water is easier than you think. Every one of us can make their contribution every day. Here are some tips!


Do not wash the dishes with your hands, use the dishwasher. Skip the pre-wash – it’s often not necessary. Only set your dishwasher off when it’s fully loaded.


Also skip the pre-wash when you wash your clothes and if possible only set the washing machine off when its drum is full.


Repair dripping water taps or replace them. Don’t forget the water taps in your garden or on your terrace.


You need around 150 litres of water to have a bath and about 50 litres for a five-minute shower. Try turning the water off while you soap yourself and wash your hair.


The water doesn’t have to keep running while you are brushing your teeth. The toothbrush glass is the best thing to use in terms of efficiency and economy.


Use rain water for your plants and preferably water them in the early morning.


Use the stop or the small push button of your dual-flush toilet.

In order to contribute to the global energy transition and proper water and wastewater treatment, VAG has defined specific strategies in the ESG measures.

Official World Water Day website